Simkar's Lighting Layout software assists you in selecting the right fixtures for your application. Our Lighting Calculator is now available for the following products:

Fluorescent Recessed:

Altus Direct/Indirect

T Series Louvered Troffers

TE2P Precision Parabolic

TE3P Shallow Plenum Parabolic

TEP/FEP Deep Parabolic

TEP94 Vertical Precision Parabolic

TY Lensed Troffer

Fluorescent Surface:

SEP Surface Parabolic

SLP Low Profile

SN990 Glare Reducing Wraparound

SY Surface Module

SY130 Narrow Wraparound

SY920 Low Profile Wraparound

SY950 Standard Wraparound

SYLP Low Profile Surface Series

Fluorescent Industrials, Channels, and Strips:

Adjust-A-Bay Three-in-one Fluorescent High Bay

CH Strip Light

CHX Slimline and High Output Channel

EN2 Enclosed and Gasketed Luminaire

EN3 High Performance Enclosed and Gasketed Luminaire

IE Industrial Fluorescent

IF Premium Turret

Latitude Decorative Industrial

MIRO Premium Specular Industrial

OV450 Wet Location Enclosed and Gasketed

Reflect-a-Bay 4, 6, or 8 lamp T5/T8


w Fluorescent Retrofit Kits

Parking Guard Parking Structure Lighting