About Simkar

Simkar is an internationally known designer, developer, and manufacturer of lighting products headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. Since 1952, we have provided a diverse selection of high-quality LED lighting fixtures, along with other technologies to contractors, specifiers, and other strategic partners.

In May 2018, Neo Lights Holding Inc., a renewable energy technology company developing and manufacturing LED technologies, smart sensors and networking systems, with innovative approaches to off-grid and on grid emergency management networked solutions acquired Simkar. The combination of Neo Lights Holdings’ innovative LED smart technology with off-grid solutions, and Simkar’s world-class large scale lighting manufacturing capability, will allow the rapid deployment of new and innovative LED networked design products, as well as traditional lighting products to meet the various needs in the market place.

We’re proud to design and manufacture quality lighting fixtures at our 283,500 square foot manufacturing facility in Philadelphia, PA. With warehouse facilities located throughout the United States, Simkar is strategically positioned to quickly and efficiently meet the production and distribution needs of our customers. Our products are available through electrical distributors located across the country.

As needs continue to change in the lighting industry with new energy-efficient and smart technologies, so will Simkar.

Our Affiliated Companies:

Photonic Capital Photonic Laboratories Zuriel American Photonics India
A project financing company
to fund ERSA projects.
A technology and manufacturing marketing arm of Photonic Capital. A technology and patent holder for LED and smart technologies. An India-based company for sales and manufacturing of smart LED products in India.