Self Storage Lighting

High performance, energy-saving lighting solutions for self storage facilities

Simkar is pleased to offer a great selection of outdoor and indoor fixtures for Self Storage Facilities meant to provide high performance, reliability, and energy savings to both new construction projects as well as to replace and upgrade the lighting found at most self-storage locations throughout the country.

In addition, we offer options for applications requiring lighting in difficult environments such as damp and wet locations and extreme cold. While many of our newest fixtures feature LED technology, we can supply a range of technologies, from fluorescent to HID, to match the requirements of your budget, your site, and your desired lighting levels.

For existing sites, almost all of our fixtures can be used as 1-to-1 replacements for your existing fixtures, improving performance while eliminating the need to modify your structures or wiring.

Beyond the benefits of utilizing high performance, high efficiency lighting fixtures, many locations throughout the country can gain additional benefits in the form of various types of incentives and rebates offered at federal, state, and local levels.

Our services are also enhanced by offering an energy analysis and recommendations providing you with detailed data about your energy use, recommended fixtures, projected new energy use, and the time until your fixtures begin paying for themselves. Contact us for lighting layouts and application assistance.