Custom Solutions

One of Simkar’s core strengths is our ability to respond to requests for customization in a way that not only creates exactly the right solution, but often does so with the added leverage of creating new opportunities for
our customers.




Be it a need for specialized fixtures in new construction or challenging requirements to relight an existing site, we begin tailoring a solution to the need for customization through thorough analysis, also taking existing and projected energy use into account, as well as where there may be opportunities to benefit from available rebates and energy related credits.

Once a project goal is agreed upon, our Engineering team takes all related factors into account, and with the ability to utilize a range of technologies, chooses the best combination of components to provide the required lighting results.
While in development, we take advantage of state of the art testing equipment and tools such as our extreme hot/cold environmental testing chamber as well as simulation and modeling software.
We are able to rapidly prototype and test fixtures, a clear advantage that can lead to landing a project that may be otherwise unavailable.

Beyond analysis and design, Simkar keeps an eye on the process needed to not only build the products but also the steps necessary for a completely successful installation.
We offer start-to-finish services and can manage the entire process where desired, even beyond commissioning to provide tasks from maintenance training to periodic performance measurement.

To speak with us about your needs and our capabilites, you can reach us by phone at (215) 831-7700 or by filling out your information below.