Aletra – LED Troffer Lighting Fixture

Energy Efficient LED Troffer

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Subtle Simplicity

A high value, architectural look and feel that is ideal for new construction and retrofits

The Aletra LED is energy efficient and provides 127 to 136 lumens/watt (delivered). Environmentally friendly; contains no lead or mercury. 91,000 hours of reliable, maintenance free lighting. Twelve outputs across two fixture sizes satisfy a wide range of indoor lighting requirements. Provides efficient, comfortable lighting for applications such as private offices, open office areas, upscale retail, public circulation areas and classrooms. The Aletra is DesignLights Consortium® Listed.

Luminaire Features & Benefits

• Even, diffuse illumination
• Energy efficient – Up to 56% energy savings vs. fluorescent
• 91,000 hour operating life (L70)
• Excellent color rendition, >80CRI
• Operating range 14˚F (-10˚C) to 122˚F (50˚C)
• Available in three color temperatures; 3500K, 4000K, (standard), 5000K
• DesignLights Consortium® Listed
• 120V – 277V, 0 – 10V dimming standard

*Please refer to DesignLights Consortium® website for specific configuration listings.


Aletra – LED Troffer Lighting Fixture Configuration

ATA 22 = 2×2
24 = 2×4
R = Round Enclosed Lens 25L = 2500 lumens (20W)
(2×2 only)
45L = 4500 lumens (35W)
60L = 6000 lumens (55W)
(2×4 only)
35 = 3500K
40 = 4000K (standard)
50 = 5000K
U1 = Universal 120-277V,
0-10V dimming
(standard)SD5 = Bi-level step dimming
BP = Bulk Pack, palletized

ELS = Emergency Backup,
1000 lm

FL6 = Whipped 3/8″,
6′ Flex 2 # 18s

FL7 = Whipped 3/8″,
6′ Flex 3 #18s

Drywall Kits

GCK22 = 2×2
GCK24 = 2×4

Please refer to DesignLights Consortium® website for specific configuration listings.
*See performance data for actual input power.
** Consult a lighting engineer to meet specific requirements
*** Step dimming increases fixture wattage by 15%. Only offered in 25L and 45L models.

Model Size Input Power Lumens* Efficacy Color Temperature Equivalent Fluorescent**
 ATA22R25L35U1 2×2  19.21W  2522 lm  131 lm/W  3500K       2-32WT8U6, 2-17W T8
 ATA22R25L40U1  19.45W  2465 lm  127 lm/W  4000K
 ATA22R25L50U1  19.21W  2522 lm  131 lm/W  5000K
 ATA22R45L35U1  33.81W  4507 lm  133 lm/W  3500K
 ATA22R45L40U1  33.81W  4282 lm  127 lm/W  4000K
 ATA22R45L50U1  33.81W  4507 lm  133 lm/W  5000K
 ATA24R45L35U1       2×4  33.63W  4585 lm  136 lm/W  3500K       3- or 4-32WT8
 ATA24R45L40U1  34.34W  4376 lm  127 lm/W  4000K
 ATA24R45L50U1  34.28W  4535 lm  132 lm/W  5000K
 ATA24R60L35U1  56W  5984 lm  107 lm/W  3500K
 ATA24R60L40U1  56W  6146 lm  112 lm/W  4000K
 ATA24R60L50U1  56W  3207 lm  113 lm/W  5000K

* Delivered lumens
** Consult a lighting engineer to meet specific requirements



Construction Formed highly reflective matte white pre-painted reflectors and ends are housed in rugged steel housing. Ends are both tabbed and screwed securely into each corner. Two KOs per end and large access plates in top of housing simplify wiring. Ends include integral grid locking feature and four auxiliary mounting points. Premium aluminum mounted LED boards are securely fastened to steel LED tray for superior heat dissipation and extended life. Drivers installed in separate compartment with room-side accessibility. Extruded acrylic enclosed lens has positive locking channel along the length of fixture. All exposed installed surfaces are matte white, pre-coated with a minimum reflectivity of 87%. All other metal surfaces are gloss white pre-coated.

Optical system Enclosed acrylic lens has advanced material formulation to produce even and high efficiency lighting. Reflectors light evenly and contribute to fixture’s efficiency and pleasing contrast. Fixture’s geometry prevents harsh cutoff and is designed for an even gradient of light on reflective surfaces.

Electrical All connections are made with high quality  quick connects. All supplied drivers are Class 2. 0-10 Volt (5% to 100%) dimming; power factor >0.9 at full load; operating temperature 14˚F (-10ºC) to 122˚F (50ºC). Safety standards: UL8750 / UL1310; total harmonic distortion: <18%; EMI: FCC Class B FCC Part 15; rated input voltage: 120V to 277V. Emergency lighting option ELS is available in all LED configurations to deliver 1000 lumens for 90 minutes minimum.

LEDS Aluminum core long life boards. LED chips available in 3500K, 4000K and 5000K. MacAdam binning is limited to 3 ellipses. >80 CRI for accurate color rendition. All LED options are LM80 tested. Life expectancy of 91,000 hours (L70).

Ceiling compatibility Aletra fixtures are compatible with “G” type 9/16” wide & 15/16” tee lay-in grid styles. Also compatible with type “ST” screw slots tees. Integral grid lock in end cap secures fixture. For drywall ceiling applications, use GCK22 or GCK24 frame kits.

Access / wiring Housing has two access plates on top with (2) 3/4” KOs and (2) 3/4” KOs on sides.

Mounting Can be installed in suspended t-bar grid ceilings or drywall/plaster ceilings with optional trim kit. Mounting holes provided for hanging by wire.

Listings C-UL-US listed damp location. IC Rated for direct contact with insulation.

Warranty 5 year limited warranty.


Photometrics / IES files

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