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Fully Luminous Series

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The Center of Attention.
The Right Combination of Aesthetics and Performance.

Centera from Simkar is the smart alternative for replacing outdated fluorescent technology found in older-style troffers and parabolic fixtures. This breakthrough technology offers a stunning architectural appearance while delivering flawless light distribution throughout the space. Centera’s fully luminous lens and high performance light sources deliver the right combination of aesthetics and illumination at a low cost of operation.

Centera provides uniform illumination over the entire face of the luminaire without annoying glare or light source imaging. The result is soft, even lighting across the working space, as well as adjacent vertical and horizontal surfaces. This eliminates shadows and dark cave effects associated with older parabolic luminaires, and reduces the number of fixtures needed for a given space without sacrificing occupant comfort.

Advanced Lens Technology
Simkar developed its high transmission lens using advanced resin technology that transmits greater, more uniform illumination. The result is superior illumination on all surfaces without imaging or shadowing, and at higher efficiencies. Traditional A12 lenses are less effective with light transmission, losing up to 35% within the fixture.

Choice of Light Sources
Centera is available with a choice of light sources to fit your lighting requirements. The LED engine provides an operating life of up to 80,000 hours (L70) and 26% greater energy savings over traditional light sources. Simkar uses the tightest binning possible to maintain the most precise color consistency. Other features include dimming from 5% to 100%, a CRI of 85, and a standard color temperature of 4100K, with 3000K or 3500K available.

T5HO, T5 and T8 linear fluorescent and twin-tube T5 compact fluorescent sources offer a cost-effective way to achieve superb illumination and longer life while reducing energy consumption. It embodies the best, most efficient ballast/lamp combinations and delivers up to 60,000 lifetime hours and 30% in energy savings compared to older fluorescent technology.

High Efficiency with Low Maintenance
All critical surfaces include post powder-coat paint with a 92% high reflectance finish. The sturdy hinged door frame includes positive cam latches and features toolless entry for easy installation and maintenance.

Its high efficiency and excellent light qualities will increase profitability through lower operating and maintenance costs. Better space illumination is also instrumental in raising employee productivity and job satisfaction.

Luminaire Features

Vibrant Architectural Appearance
Streamlined design delivering full, even illumination

Excellent Performance
Matte white, 92% highly efficient post-painted fixture body

Choice of Light Sources
Available with LED, T5HO, T5, T8 linear fluorescent, and twin-tube T5 compact fluorescent

Fast, Easy Re-lamping
Hinged doorframe with positive cam latches allows for toolless entry

Fully Luminous Optical System
High-transmission acrylic lens delivers unrestricted, even illumination

Shielding Options
Center section is available in curved, square or a perforated diffuser with high-transmission inlay. Side panels are available in curved or straight

High-Performance LED Models
Available in five lumen/wattage packages and three color temperatures. Long life LEDs provide over 26% energy savings compared to traditional light sources

Dramatic Energy Savings
Lowers energy use by up to 30% over older fluorescent technology

Centera is the right selection for new construction and retrofitting existing spaces. It’s the perfect luminaire for open office areas, private offices, healthcare facilities, retail applications, public circulation areas, classrooms, and any general indoor space.

The Centera qualifies for many federal and local rebates for additional savings, and meets the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and other Made-In-America requirements.


Centera – LED Troffer Lighting Fixture Configuration

Series Size Side Panel Diffuser Center Panel Diffuser No. Lamps Wattage Ballast Options Voltage Options
CEN = Centera 22 = 2×2 C = Curved Sides C = Curved Center 1 17T8 = 17W T8 24” E = Electronic Instant Start U1 = 120V – 277V BP = Bulk Pack, Palletized
24 = 2×4 S = Straight Sides SQ = Square Center 2 14T5 = 14W T5 22” PSL = *T8 only, BF .71 347 = 347 Volt 35K = 3500ºK Lamp Installed
P = Perforated Center 3* 24T5HO = 24W T5HO 22” PSN = *T8 only, BF .80 480 = 480 Volt 41K = 4100ºK Lamp Installed
40TT5 = 40W Twin T5 22” PSH = *T8 only, BF 1.15 ELS1 = Emerg. (T8 500/T5 700 lm)
50TT5 = 50W Twin T5 22” D = Dimming † ELS2 = Emerg. (T8 700/T5 700 lm)
55TT5 = 55W Twin T5 22” HE = Electronic T5HO only ELS3 = Emerg. (T8 1400/T5 1400 lm)
HPL = *T8 only, BF .77 FL4 = Whipped 3/8 6’ Flex 2 #18’s
32T8 = 32W T8 48” HPN = *T8 only, BF .87 FL5 = Whipped 3/8 6’ Flex 3 #18’s
28T5 = 28W T5 46” HPH = *T8 only, BF 1.18 FB = Fast-Blow Fusing
54T5HO = 54W T5HO 46” CS = Customer Specified SB = Slow-Blow Fusing (T5 only)
B9 = Customer Specified M/S = Labor saving Master/Satellite
* For exact ballast factor see CEE listing for ballast qualification

Ballast Option Explanations:

“PS” = Programmed Start; “HP” = High Performance

“L” = Low Ballast Factor; “N” = Normal Ballast Factor; “H” = High Ballast Factor

† Specify Manufacturer

Consult factory for NEMA Premium ballasts

TT5 lamps only available in 2×2 fixtures

* 3-lamp versions available in T5 and T5HO only

Consult factory for surface mount options

Series Size Side Panel Diffuser Center Panel Diffuser Wattage Color Voltage Options
CENLED = Centera LED 22 = 2×2 C = Curved Sides C = Curved Center 20 = 20W 1,500 Lumens (2×2)* 35 = 3500K CCT U1 = 120V – 277V BP = Bulk Pack, Palletized
24 = 2×4 S = Straight Sides SQ = Square Center 43 = 43W 4,200 Lumens (2×2)* 40 = 4100K CCT 480 = **480 Volt ELS = Emerg. (900 lumens)
P = Perforated Center 45 = 45W 4,200 Lumens (2×4)* 50 = 5000K CCT **Requires a tranformer
60 = 60W 6,100 Lumens (2×4)*
* Wattages are nominal.
Lumens are rounded to nearest 100 based upon 4100˚ K tests

Consult factory for surface mount options

NOTE: See spec sheets for a complete list of switching, options and accessories


Centera LED 2×2

Model Color Temperature Input Power* Efficacy (lm/W) Light Output** DLC 2.0 Listed*** Test Number
CENLED22SSQ4335U1 3500K CCT 43.11W 85.8 3700 lm Yes UL790233
CENLED22CC4335U1 3500K CCT 43.07W 79.8 3441 lm No UL790234
CENLED22CP4335U1 3500K CCT 43.10W 63.3 2729 lm No UL790235

*Delivered lumens

**Consult a lighting engineer to meet specific requirements

***Consult DesignLights™ Consortium website for current Centera qualifying products

Centera LED 2×4

Model Color Temperature Input Power* Efficacy (lm/W) Light Output** DLC 2.0 Listed Test Number
CENLED24SSQ6035U1 3500K CCT 59.81W 87.7 5242 lm Yes UL801108

*Delivered lumens

**Consult a lighting engineer to meet specific requirements

***Consult DesignLights™ Consortium website for current Centera qualifying products

Consult for complete photometric performance data




Photometrics / IES files

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