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The LCH series of low profile lensed LED striplights provides superior energy efficiency and a longer, maintenance-free operating life over the traditional T5 and T8 fluorescent fixtures they are designed to replace.

Using up to 54% less energy and operating for 60,000 hours (L70), the LCH delivers a smooth; even distribution, which makes it ideal for commercial, manufacturing, and warehouse applications.

LCH is available in 2’, 4’, and 8’ lengths with a choice of 10 lumen packages in 3 color temperatures.


Whether you’re adding new lighting or replacing existing outdated lighting, Simkar’s LCH LED striplights provide excellent  illumination, performance, and durability.


The LCH Series offers a familiar form with exceptional performance.

Used any place a traditional fluorescent strip would be found, the LCH offers a wide range of lumen outputs in three color temperatures.


A 60,000 hour operating life (L70) lets you install the fixtures and expect over 14 years of bright, efficient LED light.


Also offered are options for mounting, emergency lighting, and control, greatly extending the range of applications that are ideal for the LCH.


LCH Configuration

LCH2 = 2′

4 = 4′

8 = 8′

FA =
Frosted acrylic (standard)
2′ Units

25 = 2500 lm (20W)

30 = 3000 lm (25W)

4′ Units

25 = 2500 lm (20W)

50= 5000 lm (36W)

70 = 7000 lm (55W)

90 = 9000 lm (73W)

8′ Units

50 = 5000 lm 40W)

90 = 9000 lm (72W)

120 = 12,000 lm (110W)

180 = 18,000 lm (146W)

35 = 3500˚K

40 = 4000˚K

50 = 5000˚K

U1 = Universal 120-277V

347 = 347V

480 = 480V

ELS = Emergency Backup, 900lm

6’ Cord and Plug


1 = 120V

2 = 277V

3 = 208V

4 = 240V

5 = 480V

CP3 = Cord & Plug-120V Straight Blade 5-15P

FL6 = 3/8” Flex with two connectors

FL7 =
3/8” Flex with two connectors; for dual switching or ELS

Sensors (factory wired; see switching; for daylight harvesting, please contact factory)

OS(x)* =
PIR Occupancy sensor
(specify # of drivers controlled (1 or 2)

OSPC(x) =
PIR Occupancy sensor with photocontrol
(specify # of drivers controlled (1 or 2)


48″ symmetrical white; order 2 for 96″ units.

C =
Single white canopy (for use with pendant mount)CA24 =
Chain Hanger Assembly-(2) 18” chains, (2) “V” hooks, (2) “S” hooks for total drop 24”CHJ = Housing Joiner (for continuous runs)LCHJB =
Joiner Band (for use between lenses on continuous runs)CS24 =
“S” Hook (4) Chain Hanger Assembly (24” total drop)PM2(x) =
Pendant Mount, white stem-specify length in inches (24, 36, 48, 60, 72)SN = Snapper BracketsTBH = T-Bar grid mounting clip

WG220 = 24” wire guard

WG240 = 48” wire guard (order 2 for 8′ units)


LCH Performance – 3500K CCT

Model LengthLumens* Input PowerDriversEfficacyEquivalent Fluorescent**
LCH2FA2535U12′2,28019.50W1 28W 750mA116.9 lm/W2-17W T8, 1-24W T5HO
LCH2FA2540U12′2,49020.45W1 28W 750mA121.76 lm/W2-17W T8, 1-24W T5HO
LCH2FA2550U12′2,59020.45W1 28W 750mA126.65 lm/W2-17W T8, 1-24W T5HO
LCH2FA3035U12′2,69625W1 40W 1A107.84 lm/W2-17W T8, 1-24W T5HO
LCH2FA3040U12′2,78025W1 40W 1A111 lm/W2-17W T8, 1-24W T5HO
LCH2FA3050U12′2,89125W1 40W 1A115 lm/W2-17W T8, 1-24W T5HO
LCH4FA2535U14′2,41720.45W1 28W 750mA118.2 lm/W1-32W T8
LCH4FA2540U14′2,49020.45W1 28W 750mA121 lm/W1-32W T8
LCH4FA2550U14′2,59020.45W1 28W 750mA126 lm/W1-32W T8
LCH4FA5035U14′4,41736.5W1 50W 1.4A121.1 lm/W2-32W T8, 1-54W T5HO
LCH4FA5040U14′4,53635.92W1 50W 1.4A126.3 lm/W2-32W T8, 1-54W T5HO
LCH4FA5050U14′4,79536.81W1 50W 1.4A130.3 lm/W2-32W T8, 1-54W T5HO
LCH4FA7035U14′6,42555.28W1 60W 2100mA116.2 lm/W2-32W T8, 2 54W T5HO
LCH4FA7040U14′6,61755.28W1 60W 2100mA119.69 lm/W2-32W T8, 2 54W T5HO
LCH4FA7050U14′6,88155.28W1 60W 2100mA124.47 lm/W2-32W T8, 2 54W T5HO
LCH4FA9035U14′8,61572.81W2 50W 1.4A118.3 lm/W2 54W T5HO
LCH4FA9040U14′8,87572.81W2 50W 1.4A121.89 lm/W2 54W T5HO
LCH4FA9050U14′9,23072.81W2 50W 1.4A126.76 lm/W2 54W T5HOx
LCH8FA5035U18′4,83040.9W2 28W 750mA118 lm/W2-32W T8
LCH8FA5040U18′4,98040.9W2 28W 750mA121.76 lm/W2-32W T8
LCH8FA5050U18′5,17940.9W2 28W 750mA126.62 lm/W2-32W T8
LCH8FA9035U18′8,77971.84W2 50W 1.4A122 lm/W2-32W T8, 2 54W T5HO
LCH8FA9040U18′9,07271.84W2 50W 1.4A126 lm/W2-32W T8, 2 54W T5HO
LCH8FA9050U18′9,43471.84W2 50W 1.4A131.19 lm/W2-32W T8, 2 54W T5HO
LCH8FA12035U18′11,866110W2 60W 2.1A107.87 lm/W4-32W T8
LCH8FA12040U18′12,234110W2 60W 2.1A111.2 lm/W4-32W T8
LCH8FA12050U18′12,723110W2 60W 2.1A115.66 lm/W4-32W T8
LCH8FA18035U18′17,217145.62W4 50W 1.4A118.23 lm/W4-54W T5HO
LCH8FA18040U18′17,750145.62W4 50W 1.4A121.89 lm/W4-54W T5HO
LCH8FA18050U18′18,460145.62W4 50W 1.4A126.76 lm/W4-54W T5HO

*Delivered lumens **Consult a lighting engineer to meet specific requirements.



HOUSING Housing, wireway cover and ends are die-formed heavy gauge steel with high gloss, baked white enamel finish over rust inhibiting phosphate coat. Housing and wireway cover act as a heat sink, maximizing the life of the LEDs and power supplies. Knockouts provided on back, ends, and sides.

OPTICS/SHIELDING Snap on, contoured, high transmission, frosted acrylic lens with internal lineal ribs shields the LEDs from direct view and provides an integrated finished look. Lens is capped by white thermoplastic ends. The 8′ lensed units ship standard with (2) 4′ lenses and (1) center white thermoplastic joiner band.

LEDs 2’ fixtures available in 2 light levels (delivered); 2490 lumens (20.5W) and 2780 lumens (25W) at 4000K CCT, >80 CRI. 4’ fixtures available in 4 light levels (delivered); 2490 lumens (20.5W), 4536 lumens (35.9W), 6617 lumens (55.28W) and 8875 lumens (72.8W) at 4000K CCT, >80 CRI.  8’ fixtures available in 4 light levels (delivered); 4980 lumens (40.9W), 9072 lumens (71.8W), 12,234 lumens (110W) and 17,750 lumens (145.6W) at 4000K CCT, >80 CRI. All models also available in 3500K and 5000K color temperatures.  Beam spread is 105 degrees. LEDs are lm-80 tested. Operating life is 60,000 hours (L70)  Light engines consist of 48, 96, 192, or 384 mid-power LED chips mounted on aluminum core printed circuit boards. LED light engines are replaceable.

ELECTRICAL 120-277V LED power supply, power factor is >0.9. 0-10V dimmable, standard. are mounted in direct contact with steel housing for cooler operation and longer life. Drive current is 750mA for units using 28W drivers. Drive current is 1A for units using 40W drivers. Drive current is 1.4A for units using 50W drivers. Drive current is 2.1A units using 60W drivers. Drivers are field replaceable. See performance table for number of drivers in each unit.

Temperature The LCH LED series is designed to operate in temperatures of -13˚F (-25˚C) to 104˚F (40˚C).

ACCESS / WIRING Toolless access to wireway striplight. Wireway cover/LED tray snaps onto the housing and can be removed without tools. Wireway cover/LED tray includes tethers (4’ and 8’ units) for easier installation and maintenance. Internal plug-in wiring harness.

MOUNTING Suitable for surface, pendant, or stem mounting, individually or in continuous rows. Use accessory CHJ combination end plate joiner for continuous rows. Also use accessory LCHJB joiner band for a finished look.

LISTINGS UL listed, damp location. DesignLights™ Consortium Listed direct linear ambient, low bay, and high bay.

WARRANTY 5 year limited warranty.


Photometrics / IES files

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