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LED Area & Site Luminaire

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The Simkar Salient™ High Output LED area & site luminaire utilizes high brightness LEDs and precision optics to provide superior uniformity and maximize pole spacings while using up 60% less energy and operating for 100,000 hours (L70). Designed to replace up to 1000W PSMH fixtures in area, roadway, and security lighting applications, the versatile SALHO LED area & site luminaire is available in  6 distributions, 3 color temperatures and with 6 mounting options.

With efficacy of 111 lumens per watt, the Salient High Output series is DesignLights Consortium® listed, DLC 4.0/4.1 and qualifies for utility rebates.

  • Precision optics; 6 distributions
  • Sleek architectural design
  • 60% energy savings vs. traditional HID sources
  • 100,000 hour operating life (L70)
  • 10kV field replaceable surge protector
  • Available in 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K (standard)
  • Excellent color rendition, >70 CRI
  • DesignLights Consortium® listed, DLC 4.0/4.1

*Please refer to DesignLights Consortium® website for specific configuration listings.


Salient High Output – LED Area & Site Lighting Fixture Configuration

Series Size/Lumen
Distribution CCT Voltage Options Accessories
SALHO 2XL = 37” Extra Large
(51,600 lumens, 465W)
3 = Type III
4S = Type IV short
5S = Type V short
30 = 3000K**

40 = 4000K**
50 = 5000K (standard)

U1 = universal 120-277V
U3 = universal 347-480V
(x)(y)P = Twist and Lock Photocell;
designate voltage:
= 120V, 2 = 277V, 5 = 480V5 = Twist lock receptacle, 5 pin***7 = Twist lock receptacle, 7 pin***

OS = Motion sensor / integrated photocell

SALHOBLS = Back light shielding

AFSALHO = Adjustable slip fitter, bronze
RP3SALHO = 3” Round pole mounting arm, bronze
RP4SALHO = 4” Round pole mounting arm, bronze
RP5SALHO = 5” Round pole mounting arm, bronze
SPSALHO = Square pole (3”, 4”, and 5”) mounting arm, bronze
TASALHO = Horizontal tenon mount 2” IP,  2.375” OD,  bronze

*See performance tables for actual performance
**Contact factory for lead times
***Twist lock photocell is standard with 3 pin receptacle unless otherwise specified. Photocell not included unless ordered

Model Distribution Light Output Input Power Efficacy Drive Current BUG Rating Color
Operating Life (L70) Operation Temperature HID
SALHO2XL350U1 Type III 51,072 Lumens 466 W 109.59 Lpw 3330mA B5-U0-G5 5000K 100,000 hrs -31˚F (-35˚C) to 104˚F (40˚C) 1000W PSMH
SALHO2XL4S50U1 Type IV short 50,618 Lumens 465.6 W 108.72 Lpw
SALHO2XL5S50U1 Type V short 51,792 Lumens 463.4 W 111.78 Lpw

* Delivered lumens
** Consult a lighting engineer to meet specific requirements



HOUSING / OPTICS: Heavy duty, contoured, die cast aluminum housing available in bronze powder coat finish. Utilizes extra deep linear heat dissipating fins (1.5” to 3” deep) for superior cooling and durability. Housing has K0s on top and bottom for twist lock photocell or integrated motion sensor with built in photocell. Tethered door secured by four Allen head screws provides quick access to wiring compartment. Separate optical and electrical compartments for cooler operation and maximum system life. LED modules are enclosed via gasketed, UV-stabilized polycarbonate precision lenses, available in NEMA Type III, IV, and V distributions. Available with factory-installed optional backlight shielding for 85% backlight reduction. The full cut-off SALHO series produces no uplight and is Dark Sky friendly.

LEDs: SALHO area luminaire utilizes 84 high power CREE XPL LEDs on conformal coated metal core boards. LEDs are 5-step binned for color consistency. SALHO is available in one size and light level (delivered): SALHO2XL: 50,618 lumens (465W), >70 CRI. 5000K (standard); consult factory for 3000K and 4000K, lead times may apply. Operating life is 100,000 hours (L70). LEDs are LM-80 tested.

ELECTRICAL: Power supplies are 120-277V (U1) or 347-480V (U3), 0-10V dimmable. Power factor is >0.9. 465W fixture uses 3.33A power supply. Power supplies are mounted in direct contact with aluminum housing for cooler operation and longer life. 6kV integral surge protection and additional 10kV inline field-replaceable surge protector (included).

TEMPERATURE: The SALHO Series is suitable for use in operating temperatures from -31˚F (-35˚C) to 104˚F (40˚C).

ACCESS / WIRING: Power supply is located in a separate compartment accessed via (4) captive 1/8” Allen head screws. Top and bottom KOs provided for optional twist-lock photocell and multi-level motion sensors with built-in photocell.

MOUNTING: Multiple mounting accessories are available for the SALHO for pole mounting. Mounting accessories are sold separately. The recommended mounting height for the SALHO2XL is 35 ft to 60 ft. with wider pole spacings of up to 8.5 times mounting height. The EPA for the SALHO2XL is 1.22 sq. ft. when used in horizontal area light orientation with the square pole mount accessory. The EPA is 4.66 sq. ft. when used in the floodlight orientation with the adjustable slip fitter. The SALHO2XL weighs 48 lbs.

LISTINGS: C-UL-US Listed wet location. 3G vibration rated for ANSI C136.31 high vibration applications. DesignLights Consortium® qualified DLC4.0/4.1. Title 24 compliant configurations available; contact factory. IP 65 rated.

WARRANTY: 5 year limited warranty.


Photometrics / IES files

  • Salient High Output - Type III - 5000K | SALHO2XL350U1 Photometrics IES
  • Salient High Output - Type IV short - 5000K | SALHO2XL4S50U1 Photometrics IES
  • Salient High Output - Type V short - 5000K | SALHO2XL5S50U1 Photometrics IES

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