WSM – HID Wallpack Lighting Fixture

13” Wallpack

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Designed for 18 to 24 foot mounting heights, the WSL Wallpack delivers high light levels over a very large area for offices, schools, shopping complexes, garages and walkways.

40°C Ambient Rated

The bronze die-cast aluminum housing, thick prismatic glass refractor and stainless steel hardware together make the WSM Series resistant to weather and vandalism. Both the door and prismatic glass lens utilize weatherproof silicone gasketing to seal out contaminants.

The WSM Series comes standard with a medium base HID lamp. Induction lamp is a tubular rectangular induction system mounted to a heavy duty heat sink bracket for efficient cooling.

The 50-150W pulse start metal halide fixtures utilize a multi-tap high reactance ballast. HPS fixtures can be ordered with a 120V NPF reactor ballast or a multi-tap high reactance HPF ballast. 120V reactor ballasts can be ordered with optional HPF. 150W high pressure sodium fixtures are also available with 480V ballasts. Induction electronic generator/ballast is 120- 277VAC, 50/60 Hz.

The side-hinged door opens easily using two captive stainless steel screws to provide easy access to internal components. Wiring options include mounting over a 4” recessed junction box or surface mounting using convenient conduit entries located on side and bottom of fixture. Additional knockouts are provided for optional photocell.

The recommended wall mounting height is 12’ to 18’.


WSM – HID Wallpack Lighting Fixture Configuration

Series Mounting Light Source Lamp Wattage Voltage Options
WSM 0 = Wall 1 = Induction

3 = CFL

5 = HPS

8 = PSMH (Enclosed Rated)

04 = 40W Induction

05 = 50W HPS, PSMH

07 = 70W HPS, PSMH

10 = 100W HPS, PSMH

15 = 150W HPS

26 = 26W CFL

32 = 32W CFL

42 = 42W CFL

52 = (2) 26W CFL

64 = (2) 32W CFL

84 = (2) 42W CFL

1NPF = 120V Normal Power Factor (HPS only)

1HPF = 120V High Power Factor (HPS only)

M = 4-Tap, HPS/PSMH (50W, 70W, 150W)
(120, 208, 240, 277VAC 60Hz, Tapped @ 277)

5 = 480V (150W HPS only)

M5 = 5-Tap (120, 208, 240, 277, 480V 60Hz, Tapped @ 480V)

D = Dual Tap 120V/277V (CFL & 100W PS only)

U = 120-277V 50/60Hz

Photocell Option (Designate voltage):


1 = 120V (with M, U, or D ballasts)

2 = 277V (with M, U, or D ballasts)

3 = 208V (with M, U, or D ballasts)

4 = 240V (with M, U, or D ballasts)

WT = White Housing

BK = Black Housing

B = Button Photocell (Designate voltage)

WGM = Wire Guard

PGM = Polycarbonate Guard (vandal shield)

WSM–TS = Tamperproof Screws

WSM–TSD = Tamperproof Screws & screwdriver


Glare Shields


WSM–GS = Side Cutoffs

WSM–GSF = Full Cutoff




Photometrics / IES files

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