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Introducing the Simkar ProLighter – Safe, Maintenance-Free LED Lighting. For All Your Sports Facilities.
Simkar ProLighter – Your Home Field Advantage.

How a game is lit makes all the difference: in viewing quality, player safety, energy efficiency, and maintenance cost. Give your youth athletes — and their audiences — the best possible experience. Impervious to the elements of wind and weather, Simkar’s high performance, ProLighter LED sports light never fades: it’s just as bright and uniform after 10,000 hours of use, as it was when you first flicked the switch. From football to baseball, from tennis to skate parks: your maintenance crews won’t need to replace a bulb for many years.

Simkar created ProLighter with recreational management facilities in mind to provide you with the best viewing experience in the industry at an affordable cost. Our design also allows for easy retrofitting of existing HID lights thereby lowering the cost of installation. LED technology allows for better operations with maintenance free technology. No changing out of lamps and ballast, concerns of properly deposing of these old PSMH devices which contain lead and other harmful components. Therefore, ProLighter is built to meet all RoHS standards.


Simkar ProLighter Document Downloads:

ProLighter Spec Sheets:
M: Sports Pro 500 Spec SheetL: Sports Pro 500 Spec Sheet

ProLighter Brochure
Simkar Sports Pro 500 Brochure

Installation Instructions:
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Top Ten Reasons your facility needs Simkar’s ProLighter:

  1. HIGH OUTPUT – With illumination equivalent to 1,000 watt and 1,500 watt metal halide fixtures, you’ll enjoy an “instant-on, flicker-free” cold start, and industry-leading 142 lumens-per-watt.
  2. ENERGY AND MAINTENANCE SAVINGS – Save up to 60% in utility costs and eliminate costly maintenance. The ProLighter is maintenance free. There is no need to change-out lamps and ballasts.
  3. LONG TERM OPERATION – 60,000-hour operating life means years of maintenance-free operation.
  4. RUGGED AND RELIABLE – ProLighter utilizes thermally efficient die-cast aluminum construction with stainless steel hardware, an IP65 wet location rating, water-tight junction boxes, and up-to-the-minute driver technology.
  5. COOLER RUNNING, THERMAL DESIGN – ProLighter’s unique design extracts heat from the light source, thereby extending component life and ultimately providing the useful life of the fixture.
  6. HIGH PERFORMING, PRECISION “OPTICS” – ProLighter features three beam angles, internal reflectors, and wraparound lenses which reduces glare and increases uniformity.
  7. ENGINEERED, SOLID-STATE DESIGN – Each ProLighter boasts 384 individual LED chips. All chips are sealed from the elements.
  8. LIGHTWEIGHT, COMPACT DESIGN – ProLighter’s lightweight design provides easy retrofitting of existing HID installations, along with quick mounting on all new installations.
  9. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Simkar created ProLighter with recreational management facilities in mind, providing you with the best viewing experience in the industry. ProLighter meets all RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) standards, therefore no need to manage the disposal of outdated, metal halide devices containing lead and other harmful components.
  10. FINANCING OPTIONS AVAILABLE – Simkar has teamed up with Rabobank Group, a leading finance company serving the lighting industry. We provide one-stop, comprehensive project financing.

The Keys to
Optimal Sports Lighting:

(Simkar Can Assist You Every Step of the Way!)

All Applications
• Uniformity and light quality
• Light pollution and spillage
• Controls
Baseball, Softball
• High levels of illumination
• Lighted from all sides
• Reducing glare
• Pole location (primarily sidelines)
• Pole quantity
• Number of fixtures per pole
Soccer, Lacrosse, Mixed Use
• Pole location
• Pole quantity
• Number of fixtures per pole
Basketball, Tennis
• Floodlight, or area-style fixtures
• Court configuration (grouping)
• Court access


ProLighter’s Low Maintenance & Operation Costs:

Reducing your energy bills by over 60% will also allow for improved operational budgets.
Improved light output using less energy is a major factor, HID technology depreciates by over 20% in first few months of operation and operates at less than 70% light potential thereafter with a steady decline, before maintenance of the HID lamp is required, this is typically 12-18 months after installation. These maintenance change outs can run in the hundreds even thousands of dollars  very year.

Lumen Depreciation Table:

ProLighter – Frequently Asked Questions:

The most commonly asked questions we receive about sports lighting design, installation and operation can be found below! If you don’t see your questions, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any additional questions you have.

Rules and Guidelines Questions

Are there specific guidelines for sports lighting fields?

YES. Recommended foot candle averages are published by the IESNA (Illuminating Engineering Society of North America) and should be followed in any specification. Some sporting organizations have their own lighting requirements and should be consulted.

Do all fields require the same amount of lights?

NO. Every type of sports lighting has its own unique requirements, in order to achieve the correct amount of light on the playing surface. Always consult Simkar engineering to meet your required design.

Are there environmental lighting requirements?

YES. Many cities, towns and municipalities have specific spill and glare control requirements for new lighting.  Simkar ProLighter will help you determine the best system to insure full compliance with your local regulations.

What about spill and glare?

How can we make sure the lights don’t bother our neighbors?  Simkar ProLighter Lighting has a glare shield designed to minimize the light spill and keep your playing the focus of our light. In addition to Simkar engineering can make recommendations as needed to minimize light spill..

Pricing Questions

What factors affect my cost?

Factors affecting the cost of a project can include competition level (i.e. Little League play vs professional stadium), field dimensions, audience size, soil conditions, project location, spill or glare concerns, and wind speed conditions.

Is financing available?

YES.  We offer a variety of payment solutions with financing to meet your project needs.

How can we insure we are getting the most for our money?

ProLighter is typically 20-30% BELOW the cost of other sports lighting companies while providing the highest quality systems, superior service, and the most competitive prices.

Product and Service Questions

Can we retrofit into an existing system in place with remote ballast locating the drivers in enclosures at bottom of poles


If the integral drivers which are mounted with the light on top of the pole are remotely mounted what is the maximum distance from the fixture?

YES. Our fixture and installation can retrofit into any existing light and pole application. Drivers and control devices can be mounted up to 100 feet away from the light fixture. This is typically done by using the remote cabinet located 10-12 feet above the ground on the pole.

What is North Star?

North Star is our wireless remote control monitoring system.  North Star allows you to turn your lights on and off from any smart phone, table or computer.  With North Star you can reduce your operating costs by 50%! Our Mean Well drivers are equipped with 0-10kv dimming and can be used with any dimming controls you select.

Can I use donated or existing poles?

Poles vary greatly and should be specifically designed for our application and installation.  Thorough analysis needs to be performed on any donated/existing poles.  We want to assure the best lighting experience possible if using existing poles can reduce your project cost and achieve the best output you’re your new investment we will work with you to make this happen.

What about maintenance – do I need a long warranty?

Simkar ProLighter systems are virtually maintenance free.  We offer a standard 5 year warranty, but also offer additional warranties to fit your facilities need.

What’s so special about LED lighting anyway?

Put concisely, it’s digital lighting. It provides instant on-off capabilities, intelligent controls and adjustability while delivering excellent light quality, consistent light output, maintenance-free operation and excellent energy efficiency. The difference between LED and legacy metal halide lighting is like going from an old rotary telephone to an iPhone, or a typewriter to a tablet – the increase in capabilities and performance is amazing.

Can I replace my current 1000W and 1500W metal halide fixtures with the same number of LED fixtures?

There is no need to, the highest wattage fixture made by Simkar is a 600W, this generates more light than competitors’ 1000W metal halides. Due to the highly efficient operation of our fixtures, we are able to reduce fixture count while increasing light on the surface. This makes a “one to one replacement” unnecessary. The same can be done with 500W replacement for 1000W metal halide in most cases designs can be completed using fewer fixtures, thus keeping your project cost down.

How do I know how many fixtures I need then?

Simkar will generate a lighting design unique to your facility. We will load a facility drawing into our specialized program, taking into consideration the sports played there and any special tournament or broadcast lighting requirements. We can model the light in the venue and tell you how many fixtures are required to generate a certain amount of light and where they should be installed, as well as how uniform (or consistent) it will be throughout the venue. We use precise lenses to direct the light exactly where it’s needed.

This sounds expensive…

If you look at our fixtures on a one to one basis compared to traditional metal halide, they might be more than some. But with our reduced fixture count, ease of installation, maintenance-free operation, energy efficiency and options for controls, no other lighting system costs less to buy, install, run and maintain. An Simkar installation may also qualify for energy efficiency rebates and incentives from your utility company to help defray costs.

Explain how your fixtures are “maintenance-free.”

Simkar LED fixtures have no moving parts to wear out and are not traditional bulbs with filaments to burn out or ballasts to replace. Our fixtures have a 10 year warranty and have been tested to have a lifespan of over 225,000 hours with no noticeable decrease in light output. Once they are installed, you will never need to replace anything on Simkar’ fixtures – no bulbs or ballasts, with no deteriorating light output, no lifts, cranes or crews needed, and no downtime in your facility – for over 10 years.

What’s a lumen? What’s a foot candle?

A lumen is best described as a unit of light output from a light source. A foot candle is a measure of light on a surface. Typically, light from a single fixture is indicated in lumens, but this is not helpful because one fixture is never used on its own but as part of installation of many fixtures. The entire installation yields light in foot candles. This is another reason why it’s important for Simkar to create a custom lighting design – we can estimate the amount of light that will reach the surface in foot candles, which can be measured and verified after installation with a light meter.

I’m interested but what if I need help?

Simkar is ready to assist you at every step, from outlining the initial project requirements to providing installation support. There will be a number of conversations between Simkar and the installation team, whether that is employees at your facility, an electrical contractor or other parties. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with outstanding support and service.

Power Supply Specifications

Simkar LED light fixtures are not traditional incandescent lights, they are high-tech, new solid-state devices. To protect your valuable investment, the electrical power shall be clean and have stable voltage and current, undistorted waveforms.

Power Quality:

High frequency voltage shall be below -40dB or .01V between 3 KHz and 100 KHz.
High frequency current shall be below -50dB or .019A between 3 KHz and 100 KHz.

The lighting circuits shall have surge protection. Simkar highly recommends installing a waveform correction technology device. One supplier of this technology is Environmental Potentials EP-2000 or EP-2500 or approved equal on each circuit panel or power supply feed powering Simkar luminaires.
If you require assistance in checking your power system or designing or implementing solutions, contact Simkar engineering at (800) 523-3602. Failure to ensure power quality requirements shall void warranty.

Classes of Play

Classes of play are determined by the skill and competitive level of the participants and the largest number of spectator’s areas.

Competition play
5000-10,000 spectators

Up to 5,000 spectators.

Limited spectator facilities.

Competitive / recreational play
No spectator facilities

Temporary activity areas


Recommended Lighting Levels

Sport Class Horizontal Uniformity
Foot-candles CV Max/Min

Baseball/ Softball

III Infield 50 <=.17 <=2:1
Outfield 30 <=.21 <=2.5:1
IV Infield 30 <=.21 <=2.5:1
Outfield 20 <=.25 <=3:1
Football III 30 <=.25 <=3:1
IV 20 <=.3 <=4:1
Lacrosse III 30 <=.25 <=3:1
IV 20 <=.3 <=4:1


II 50 <=.21 <=2.5:1
III 30 <=.25 <=3:1
IV 20 <=.30 <=4:1


II 75 <=.21 <=2.5:1
III 50 <=.25 <=3:1
IV 30 <=.30 <=4:1
Track & Field III 30 <=.25 <=3:1
IV 20 <=.30 <=4:1

Facility Classes

Facility Class
Professional X
College X X
Semi-professional X X
Sports Clubs X X X
Amateur Leagues X X X
High Schools X X X
Training Facilities X X
Elementary Schools X X
Recreational Events X X
Social Events X X

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